What is Depression?

Depression is a mental disorder, which disturbs a person's day to day life. Mainly described as severe mood swings taking place and making people feel low, sad, or angry most of the time. Different people experience depression in different ways, which may also lead to chronic health conditions in the future. There are more than 264 million people worldwide of all ages that suffer from depression. It must not be taken lightly as it can cause suicidal tendencies in severe cases. It is also discovered that women suffer more from depression as compared to men. People who have gone through adverse events like (unemployment, bereavement, psychological trauma) are more likely to suffer from it. Overthinking and not interacting socially also leads a person into depression. It is a severe disorder generally neglected by most of the people worldwide, hence they do not find it necessary to seek medical help, which adversely affects them in the long run.

Depression comes with stages:

  • Mild: mild Depression is not of that much concern, and no medical treatment is required, just some lifestyle changes and meditating will suffice.
  • Moderate: Moderate depression is the second stage of depression in which a person isolates himself/herself. Happy thoughts, exercise, and talking it out may help.
  • Severe: Severe depression is a matter to worry about, it comes with suicidal thoughts and hence proper medications and psychological therapy are a must.